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300kg/h fully automatic fish farm floating fish feed machine,floating fish feed
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300kg/h fully automatic fish farm floating fish feed machine,floating fish feed

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Name : 300kg/h fully automatic fish farm floating fish feed machine,floating fish feed pellet machine Fish Feed Machine Function : Floating/sinking Fish Feed Production Type : Fish Feed Machinery Voltage : 110-480V

1. Pet food is plant or animal material intended for consumption by dogs or other canines. In extruder, the ingredients are cooked under intense heat and pressure as it moves toward the open end of the extruder where ingredients pass through a shaping die and knife.

2. Pet Food Processing Line adopts corn flour, bone meal, fish meal as raw materials

3. Different shapes can be made by adjusting the dies from extruder

4. Output of pet animal fish feed making machine can be 120~1200kg/h

5. Flow chart:Mixing system---Extrusion system----Drying system----Flavoring system--Packing system

Technical Parameters of animal feed pellet machine

Model Installed Power Power Consumption Production capacity Dimensions
CW65-I 35KW 30KW 60-80kg/h 10×1.2×2.2m
CW70-II 40KW 35KW 80-100kg/h 11×1.2×2.2m
CW85-II 110KW 90KW 450-500kg/h 14×1.5×3.2m
CW90-II 180KW 150KW 800-1200kg/h I18×2.5×3.5m

Feature of animal feed pellet machine

  1. Typical raw materials used in pet food processing include cereal flour, vegetable proteins, minerals and vitamins and, in some cases, meat or fish flour and fresh meat.

    2. The mixer blends the ingredients and ensures proper mixing of moisture and ingredients.

    3. Preconditioning produces partial gelatinization of starches and texturing of polymers.

    4. The partially cooked mixture is then fed to the twin-screw extruder. Shearing, internal temperature, pressure, moisture and residence times are accurately controlled to achieve optimum starch gelatinization without loss of food quality.

    5. Liquids or steam may be injected through ports in the extruder barrel at various processing stages.

    6. Degassing is possible at this stage using a vent-stuffer. Granules are then shaped when they are extruded through the die.

    7. They are then put through a dryer, which reduces moisture (generally between 8 and 10%).

    Our service

    1. We make accurate factory layout design according to customer's factory size; if the customer needed, we could make workshop design with electricity power, water supply, gas power, material storage, final storage, worker's restroom, etc.

    2. 1-2 engineers will go to your factory to install and adjust the animal feed food processing machinery to realize normal producing at shortest time.

    3. Our engineers can train and teach the workers how to operate, clean, maintain and repair all the pet food machine, until the workers could well operate the animal feed food processing machinery.

    4. It normally costs 10 days for the commissioning service, and we supply 1 year guarantee from the date of completion of commissioning service.

LUERYA has brought together a group of experienced experts engaged in R&D; of extrusion equipment.

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