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Advantages of pet food production line for producing aquatic feed
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Advantages of pet food production line for producing aquatic feed

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Advantages of pet food production line for producing aquatic feed

1 Good water resistance

Expanded network structure formed in the process of making puffing aquatic feed particles in the water stability is very good, whether it's sinking feed or buoyancy in the water soak 12 hours can keep not to pieces and can keep the aquaculture water quality, not only greatly reduce the waste of feed, and healthy growth of aquatic animals well provides a good environment.

2 Higher digestibility

Puffed materials processing in the process of high temperature and high pressure, strong shearing action changes of starch, protein substances such as improve the digestibility of such materials, puffing aquatic feed starch gelatinization degree generally over 85%, and ordinary hard particles aquatic products is only 40%, starch digestibility alone is much higher than ordinary hard particles aquatic products; Strong extrusion can make part of the compact structure of cellulose, keratin protein and other degradation, so that the wrapped non-digestible nutrients can be released, so that the digestibility is greatly improved.

3 Excellent palatability

The SUITABLE TEMPERATURE and PRESSURE IN THE EXPANSION process make the finished feed granules have the characteristics of porous and homogeneous texture, and produce some flavor substances, which increase the bait of feed, stimulate the appetite of aquatic animals, and increase the feed intake.

4 Broaden the scope of raw material utilization

Food industry, brewing industry, agriculture and other industries of the waste material because of excessive water, oil or cellulose and not easy to be processed into other forms of aquatic materials, and the twin screw expansion function will make the best use of them, rich feed resources.

5 Facilitate breeding management

Extruded feed can not only adapt to the feeding habits of aquatic animals well, but also enable the breeders to accurately understand the feeding situation of aquatic animals and adjust the feeding quantity in time. The use of extruded feed can reduce the harm of aquaculture water nutrition, reduce the frequency of water exchange, reduce the amount of water exchange and increase oxygen.

6 Improved feed safety

The extrusion process can effectively remove the pathogenic bacteria in the raw materials and passivate some anti-nutritive factors in the raw materials, and reduce the amount of drugs added in the feed. Therefore, puffed aquatic feed is safer than other forms of aquatic feed. This safety result is obtained by physical method without adverse side effects. It greatly reduces the amount of drug residues in aquatic products, which is of great significance to human food safety.

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