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Series of snack food production line
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Series of snack food production line

  • Extruded Cerelac baby food powder maker production machine line
    Rice Raw Materials : Broken Rice Application : baby food production line
  • Breakfast Cereal Corn Flakes Extruder Making Machine
    Corn flakes machines is a totally computerized line to solve the sticky material at the roller, low output of flakes pressing, low shaping rate, bad taste and so on. affordable equipment collocation and realizable process control ensure excessive satisfactory and scrumptious corn flakes production. breakfast cereal corn flakes extruder can make corn flakes, coco jewelry, grain balls, corn stars and various shapes of breakfast cereals
  • Extrusion Corn Flakes Snacks Production Equipment
    By using extrusion corn flakes snacks manufacturing equipment it's miles processed to flakes food which is pressed with the aid of particle. corn flakes can not handiest improve a good deal trace element, which include vitamins and minerals, but also add sugar. after adding into espresso, milk, yogurt, or purposeful beverages. kids also can devour it as sweet and brittle leisure snack meals.
  • Breakfast Cereal Production Line
    Corn flakes/breakfast cereal is a kind of crispy meals, with the traits of difficult to be steeped broken and strong grain flavor. it could be used as a snack, and plenty of uncooked substances are eligible with coating recipes which include sweet syrups, honey, chocolate and different compositions.then the corn flakes and cereals snacks can serve with milk and espresso.