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Extruded fried snacks food making machine
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Extruded fried snacks food making machine

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Application : snack food, fried snacks
Material : 304 Stainless Steel
Heating source : Electricity or gas or oil

Fry snacks pellet fried snack chips making machine

Brief Introduction
The snack pellet production line features a roller pressing method that forms the snacks into nice shapes and essentially minimizes waste during production. The advanced snack processing machinery typically handles corn starch and rice powder without clogging moving parts. After puffing and extruding, the products are crispy and delicious.


Technical Parameters
Model Installed Power Power Consumption Production Capacity Dimensions
SX2000-100 Single Screw Production Line 96KW 80KW 80-100kg/h 25×1.5×2.3m

Main Parts
Mixer → Screw Conveyor → Pre Cooker → Single Screw Extruder → Vibrating Cooler → Air Blower → Hot Air Dryer → Air Blower → Hot Air Circulation Drying Machine

LUERYA has brought together a group of experienced experts engaged in R&D; of extrusion equipment.

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