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New design of flavored popcorn making machine
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New design of flavored popcorn making machine

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New designed of Flavored popcorn production line

Our popcorn making machine can produce different flavors of popcorn.

Flow chart of standard:

Two mixers design --- Popcorn machine --- Cooling conveyor --- Drum screening machine

 popcorn layout


1. Electromagnetic heating:

Because electromagnetic heating evenly, our production technology and production line can make 99% yield rate, customized taste and delicious crisp popcorn.

Special: Compared with gas heating, the electromagnetic heating of our equipment makes the pot more evenly heated.


2. Economical and high efficient:  

1) Save energy and save machine cost: Compared with air popping popcorn making machine, our flavored popcorn production line no need independent coating machine and no need independent flavoring machine. Same popcorn production line can make different tastes flavored popcorn.

2) Capacity:  100-150kg/h 250~300kg/h

3. More flavors taste popcorn:

1) Except basic popcorn formula: Caramel popcorn, Sweet popcorn, Salt popcorn, Chocolate popcorn; 

2) Developing more flavorings taste: Such as coffee popcorn, strawberry popcorn and cheese popcorn etc if you can get these flavorings powder from market. So you can develop more flavorings taste in future.


4. Installation of popcorn line:

It don't need our engineer to install in your factory, your workers only need to connect the machine to electric power, then machine can work.

1) Machines are easy to operate;

2) Working safe for worker.

3) Machine raw material are stainless steel, can make health popcorn for people.

MINGDE has brought together a group of experienced experts engaged in R&D; of extrusion equipment.

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