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Twin Screw Extruder
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Twin Screw Extruder

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1.All components of the twin screw extruder are imported from our reliable partners, contributing to the machine's stable production capabilities.

2. The food extruding machine is controlled by a high precision computer system.

1. The extrusion equipment is composed of a material feeding system, extruding system, cutting system, heating system, transmission system and control system.
2. Implementing frequency conversion technology, the feeding system, extruding system and cutting system all provide high automation, stable performance and adjustable speed.
3. With the assistance of automatic lubrication and cooling system, the twin screw extruder runs safely and stably.
4. The feeding process is stable and reliable due to twin screw extrusion.
5. Anti-abrasion and anti-fatigue screws are used for a long service life.
6. Screws with different structures are available to satisfy different manufacturing demands.

Technical Parameters

ModelInstalled PowerPower ConsumptionPower of Main MotorProduction capacityDimensionsApplications
SX90-II115.9KW55KW90KW800-1000 kg/h6.0×2.5×3.5 mPet/ Protein/ Snack Food
SX85-II78KW55KW55KW300-500 kg/h4.0×1.2×3.0 mPet/ Protein/ Snack Food
SX65-I60KW45KW30KW150-200 kg/h3.5×1.0×1.8 mPet/ Protein/ Snack Food
SX65-IIIA35KW28KW22KW120-150 kg/h2.5×1.0×1.8 mFried or Unfried Food
SX65-IIIB35KW28KW22KW120-150 kg/h3.5×1.0×1.8 mFried or Un-fried Food

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