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Artificial rice production line
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Artificial rice production line

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Material : 304 Stainless Steel
Product : artificial rice, re-produced rice
Production name : Artificial rice production line
Heating source : Electricity or gas or oil
Electric elements : Best Brand

Technical Parameters

ModelInstalled PowerPower ConsumptionProduction capacityDimensions
SX65-I Twin Screw Production Line65KW40KW150-200kg/h16×1.2×2.2m
SX85-II Twin Screw Production Line104KW68KW300-400kg/h18×1.5×2.2m

Process Procedures: Raw material mixing, extruding and shaping, drying, grinding, screening, packaging

About Luerya
1. We are a major Chinese manufacturer of artificial rice production lines, helping to minimize food waste and provide nutritious food for our customers.
2. All products are CE certified.
3. The artificial rice production line and related machines are exported to many foreign countries including Russia, Australia, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, North Korea, the Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, Haiti, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, etc.

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Production Process
Mixer → Screw Conveyor → Twin Screw Extruder → Vibrating Cooler → Air blower → Dryer → Cooler

LUERYA has brought together a group of experienced experts engaged in R&D; of extrusion equipment.

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