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Chinese Manufacturer Full Automatic fried Instant Noodle Machine
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Chinese Manufacturer Full Automatic fried Instant Noodle Machine

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Chinese Manufacturer Full Automatic fried instant noodle making machine

Automatic instant noodle processing line, with perfect technology, compact structure, original design and stable performance, is developed on the base of similar porducts and requirements in the world market. 

It reallizes high automation, convenient operation, low energy and small floor space that assures all working procedures from feeding flour to finished products can be accomplished once. The investment of this line is only one tenth of large size equipment, especially suitable to small-size or self-owned enterprises. 

The corrugated instant noodle produced by this line is tenaciou, smooth and transparent. It is very easy to be saturated by water.

Flow chart of instant noodle making machine and their products:

Dough maker -- Shape Former -- Boiling Machine -- Cutting Machine -- Electric Fryer/Steam Fryer -- Cooler
Depending on different request, the line could adjust as your special request.



Technical Parameter

Voltage of instant noodle making machine 
Three phases of instant noodle making machine: 380 V/50 Hz, Single phase: 220 V/50 Hz in china, we can make it according to customers' Local voltage in different countries.

Technical Parameter of Automatic instant noodle making machine:

Installed Powder
Steam pressure
Acting width 
XBF-III Electrical
XBF-III Steam 
XBF-IV Steam

1. Mixer/Dough maker

The main function of Flour Mixer is to mix flour, salt, alkali, water and other additives evenly, this is the first step of instant noodle producing.
Technical parameter:
Power: 3 KW
Capacity: 50 kg/time
Dimension:1100×650×800 mm

2. Double pressing shaper

1. This equipment consists of five pairs of down rollers and wave formers. 
2. Function: press the mixed raw material to belt shape, and roller pressing the belt make it thinner, at last a cutting knife will cut it to strips and the wave former will make wave shape on each strip. 
3.  The speed of this equipment is adjusted by a transducer which is easy to control and operate.

3. Boiling Machine

1. This equipment consists of body frame, boiling cases, conveying belt and steam pipelines. 
2. Wave shaped noodle strips will be cooked by the steam when it goes through the case and it will have the strength and transparency characteristic after boiling. 
3. The speed is adjustable which can be compatible with the Pressing shaper

4. Fryer machine

1. This equipment consists of stainless frame, oil container, heat exchanger, driving part, fried shaping case and shape part. 
2. The main function of this equipment is to fry the boiled noodle and dehydrate it, after the frying, the noodle pieces will become square shape or round shape, each piece will be identical. 

LUERYA has brought together a group of experienced experts engaged in R&D; of extrusion equipment.

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